Folder Creation #021

Hello guys,

I want to create a folder with some number.

The thing is that number containing " \ " it is interrupting the folder creation.

Example number : p-124-2012-5458\01.

While creating the folder p-124-2012-5458 is creating as one folder and 01 as subfolder.

I want folder name like p-124-2012-5458\01 with no subfolder.

You can not provide characters like \ in a folder name.

That what iam asking is there any alternative for that issue.

You can use _ in alternate.

Its a specific name.

As per the requirement it is mandatory to create folder with the same format.

So can anyone provide an alternate for this


we can’t create folder with that kind of symbol, i think that an alternative solution is replacing the \ in your string variable for an " _"



Ok Thank You

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