Folder Could Not Be Found Error While Publish Library To Orchestrator Using Azure DevOps Extension

How to solve the error 'Folder cound not be found' while publishing library to Orchestrator using Azure Devops extension?

Error Message:


Resolution: The deploy task in Azure DevOps extension is used for deploying Nuget package to Orchestrator. If tried to use it to publish a library to the Orchestrator, as the library is on tenant level, the foldername may not be necessary. But it is mandatory argument and could not be empty.

If set as 'null' or other content, encounter the error 'Folder could not be found. Make sure that this folder exists on Orchestrator, that the user has at least one role with the Folder View and SubFolder View permissions, and that the user has permissions to access the folder'.

The resolution for this issue is setting the foldername with one of the folder in the Orchestrator and the 'createprocess' in the YAML as 'false'.