In my workflow, I bring up Outlook and work on Outlook UI Elements. If I have other windows on desktop, Outlook elements are not getting identified. Is there a way I can bring Outlook window to the focus and take out of focus after done? In general for any window? Because for UI activities, if the window is not found, the clicks etc. fail. Thanks a lot,

Hi @A_Learner ,

It would be better, in fact more convenient of you were to make use of the Outlook Activities instead of going for the UI Approach.


But if you really want to bring something to the forefront, then go ahead and use the Activate Activity


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Ashwin A.K


did you try using the activate activity?

also you can use the attach window with hover element before clicking on it


Hi @A_Learner

As @ashwin.ashok suggestion

Adding more Use Get active Window Activity

Inside that use Activate activity


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As @ashwin.ashok suggested use Outlook Activities for better automation

But as a requirement, Outlook need to be configured in the system which you are running the workflow

Hope this will help you


Thanks, it works. Not sure how to switch focus to another window from the current active window.

Great @A_Learner

After the process is done Use Kill process and try to use the same as in above post


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