Focus snapping in Studio

Why, for the love of all that is good and holy in the universe is it that when I click here:

My screen snaps to this position?

It’s INCREDIBLY DISORIENTING and adds ZERO value to me as a developer. If I want my screen to scroll, I WILL SCROLL IT.

Who on the development team wrote this and though, “Oh yeah, they’re gonna love this feature.”

Please make it stop!

Is this such a big issue for you? How is this negatively impacting you?

This behaviour is present only to try/catch inner sequences.


No sir, it’s applicable to all sequence containers not just those within try/catch inner sequences, and if it wasn’t a big deal, I wouldn’t have mentioned it here.

It’s disorienting and frustrating.

Please consider this as a request for a quality of life improvement. Perhaps if there was a switch I could set to deactivate this behavior, then the people who like it can keep it and the people like me who HATE it can turn it off.

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Here’s another great example of how frustrating this behavior is:

I’ve scrolled down in a sequence to a Do While where I want to set a Break Point.

When I right click on the Do While, the screen snaps to here:

and now I have to mouse back up and right click again to set my break point.

Please help me understand what value this behavior adds because for me all it adds is frustration and extra unnecessary clicks which is a waste of time.

Is this such a big issue for you?

And, by the way, when a user complains to you about an issue like this, your response is the exact opposite of what it should be.

Yes, it’s a big issue for me. That’s why I came here to post about it.

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What it’s doing is if the activity you click goes off the bottom of the screen it scrolls so the top of it is at the top of the screen. If it’s a short activity like Log Message, it doesn’t snap scroll.

This should be a setting we can turn on and off. Some might like that it does this, some might not. Give users control.

It’s not only for Try/Catch inner sequences. It’s for any activity that is longer than the screen.