Focus on certain IE tab in Citrix


I am working on a certain customer service agent assisting automation. This is image-based Citrix-type-of environment. What the robot needs to do, while the human agent is on the phone with a customer, is following:

  1. working on a certain CRM application, which is active in the beginning (this is fine)
  2. change to a certain tab in IE Explorer and continue there. (this is the problem)

The agent has multiple windows and multiple tabs open in the IE as well. How can I get the correct tab open to the front, so the image based automation could work on that tab?

Could there be a script or something like that, that would bring a certain IE tab to the front? Or any other ideas how this could be done?

Thanks in advance! Please ask if you didn’t understand my problem completely!

When you open the browser, pass the window object out as a variable / argument for each IE window.

You could then use an attach window with the relevant IE window and then click text to select the relevant tab?

Hope that helps