Flunked 1st attempt on Adv RPA Dev exam

Hi Guys,

I recent took the latest version of UiPath Adv RPA Developer exam and unfortunately failed…by 2 points. Below is my brief exam report I’ve extracted. It shows the breakdown for the different areas that is tested. Exam format is basically to complete 60 qns within 120mins. Qns type includes MCQ, drag & drop…(NO practical test). Please note that I did the UiPath practice exam (44 qns) a couple of times but I can ensure you that the practice exam is only good if you want to familiarize with the exam format. Qns on the actual exams are different & MCQ answers are very tricky to the extend that your mind starts to overthink a bit.

By the way, I’m really weak on .NET classes & objects module…really appreciate if anyone can advise/guide how I can learn & improve on it. I was thinking to learn vb.NET from scratch since I’m not a programmer by profession.

EXAM NAME: UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 Exam
TEST DATE: 21 Sep 2020

1.0 UiPath Studio = 83%
2.0 UiPath Studio - Activities & Properties = 75%
3.0 UiPath Studio - Robotics Enterprise (RE) Framework = 69%
4.0 Selectors = 71%
5.0 .NET Classes & Objects = 36%
6.0 Advanced Functions = 78%
7.0 Error Handling & Troubleshooting = 83%


thanks for sharing. I was tempted to take the exam myself, now this gives me a pause.

Honestly I do not even find the practice exam easy, it is definitely a huge departure from the little quizzes in the academy training courses.

With a price tag of 200 dollars, an ocean of information to digest, and hardly any concrete guideline how to prepare, I do not know how one should proceed.


Also may I ask what it means by Advanced Functions?

Hi there. Yes, I was in your position too last time. This is what I did to prepare for this exam…or rather I under-prepared for my case :smile:.

  1. Revisited all the academy courses again (Foundation & Advanced)
  2. Enrolled in a Udemy Uipath courses (choose those with good ratings and reviews). Most courses are quite affordable.
  3. Join Uipath community FB group to link up with other learners & trainers and you can ask qns too.
  4. Find UiPath trainers on youtube too. Some of them established playlists of video tutorials on respective uipath modules.
  5. Try to complete the RPA challenges from the rpachallenge.com site.
  6. Go to github and look for sample workflows that u can replicate and practice on, particularly on ReFramework.
  7. Read the 45 pages ReFramework documentation a couple of times to understand.
  8. Practice, practice and practice and refer to UiPath forum whenever you encounter issues or if you have any queries.
  9. Go through the manuals in docs.uipath.com and start asking & creating your own questions related to the modules & sample exercises. Quite helpful when you’re doing the MCQ qns in the exam…

Good qns. I’m not too sure :smile: but I assumed it’s those modules on ‘invoke method/code’, 'version controls (TFS, SVN, GIT)… Etc

thank you very much.

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No prob mate :+1:

Thanks so much for sharing this information!

I agree with other users’ comments. I think I’m getting a bit worried about the .Net part since only if you come from another programming platform or had a chance to learn more about .Net because you had to search on you daily basis you can get a good knowledge so, how come the test has a good amount of questions about classes and Objects when you don’t really practice that a lot during the course?

I’ll be doing mine soon and will have a chance to compare the questions difficulty, training data and prince. Anyway, it is a matter of experience and keep practicing as any other aspect in life so keep up the good work!