Flowswitch or flow discission to speedup process

Hi Team,

I have used below process to solve some math captcha. but the process is slow as its checking condition one by one. please let me know any other approach to speed up the process.

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I guess it should be at its best speed if those are only few conditional checks…if you run from
Or hestrator it might be faster …please try…generally in debug or run a little lag would be there



maybe you can try to implement within a secuence adding a Switch Case Acticity


Check else if acitivity. You can put few conditions. It takes the first one thats is true

1st one is not always true, captcha you know, questions can be different everytime. if the question matches then it goes to particular solution.

could you please share a syntax how to implement this.

try something like this


this i know, but how it will check condition like I have put for each flow condition.
for ex: if captchaVar contains (“+”), then it goes to addition etc.

Where I have to put the condition so that it will go to the particular case.

Check this example
switch.xaml (6.5 KB)

How to solve math captcha:

  1. Right click on captcha.
  2. Search image in google.
  3. Click “translate” option.
  4. Get text
  5. Validate with regex if google read it well. Usually it does.
  6. Check integers by regex in math equation and solve it with UiPath.
  7. Use try catch if there is any problem with above. In catch it should be clicking on captcha or link to get another captcha.
  8. Put whole thing in retry scope. Repeat if captcha is not solved. Numbers of retries: I suggest no more then 10.

I built sth like that one week ago.
Avg duration: 6sec for reading captcha and solving it
Accuracy: 100%

I found out that google read it really well :wink:
That idea was sold to my by one of my friends.