[FlowChart][Sequence] how to switch between sequence in a flowchart,based on a condition from a excel file?

Hello, I have a flowchart looking like that:

and I need to switch the sequence if I find in excel row a value.excel
Could any one give me some ideea? I need to switch between 5 sequence.


use “Flow Switch” activity.

hello how can i read the excel and verify the value in flow switch activity , in sequence i use a excel application scope and put the condition in a if(row.item(x).ToString.Contains(“Thursday”)


You can place a sequence inside your flowchart and can read the excel as a datatable.

Which version of UiPath Studio you are using, in the latest version 2019.9.2 we can directly place excel application scope activity and use it.

If you are using a old version you need to make the flowchart to run with a datarow type input value…

I use 2019.4.4