Flowchart: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Why do i have this error when I try to run? Thanks!

Are you getting data in that datatable, debug it and check which activity getting this error.

Actually this error will occur when we are trying to use something which is not available technically

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Hi @Ionut_Frincu,

1.First try to check if any empty value is going into that string.

2.If an empty value is present we usually get this error.


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let’s try row(“columnName”).toString.

Please use the debug mode to figure out which line has the issue. If it is in the Foreach then the datatable is not assigned.
If it is in the assignment of strRowValues please check the value you are trying to assign.

Here is my workflow…

As has been said above, run it in debug mode to see exactly where it has failed.
It may be that the variable hasn’t been initialized yet.