Flowchart gets scrambled


I have created a custom snippet and made a small flowchart to perform wait for the element to load. The flowchart waits for element to load, if not loaded within a specified timeout then it will check if it reaches the counter limit if not then it again does a element check

Steps to reproduce: You can create a workflow using flow chart and save it as a snippet for reusability.

Current Behavior: The flowchart when dragged in any new workflows the flow gets scrambled and it becomes hard everytime to fix the display of flow. However, If i open the saved snippet as a workflow it show correct flow

Expected Behavior: the flow chart should display the same as original.

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: Studio 2016.1.2016.1.6137 - Our Organisation is still to move to the new version.

Last stable behavior: Unknown
Last stable version: Unknown
OS Version: Win 7
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

There are some odd bugs in Windows Workflow Foundation which we have to deal with. My question would be why are you dragging workflows around? Why not simply make a template and copy the file in Windows Explorer and then open it up?

One of the original uses for Snippets was supposed to be able to drag them inside your workflow - they should work as templates for repeatable stuff that may need to be customized each time, so I’d say it’s a valid use (and a WWF designer visualization issue).
As far as I remember it’s because only connection points are saved initially and the arrows themselves are recalculated on dropping to the designer. Not sure if anything can be done about it, though :frowning: