Flow Switch & Different Case Depending on Message in Txt File


I want to have different scenarios depending on the text in a txt file.

The 3 possible txt file message are
a) Blank
b) “Incomplete”
c) “Complete”

So what should I enter in the condition for the Flow Switch and the condition for the different cases?

Concrete explanation is appreciated as I don’t know how to work with Flow Switch.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Anonymous2,

Use Flow Switch as shown below ,

_> Make Type Argument as String
_>Expression should be the message from text file based on flow should switch
_>Case Values will be the instance of that message


Thank you for the reply. But it is not working.

My output from read text file is msg.

I placed msg in the Flow decision expression.

For Case, I placed
a) Blank
b) “Incomplete”
c) “Complete”
for the 3 cases. But It is not working.

As said, concrete explanation will be appreciated. Thank you

When you type in cases, remove quotes and try it


Can you try these expression ?

String.IsnullorEmpty(message) or message is nothing


Worked without “”. Thanks!

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But oddly after saving the file with the amendments when I tried to open the file I get the error:

Open Document Error: Document is invalid

Output panel:

Missing key value on ‘FlowStep’ object. Line …

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