Flow shows an error while executing reading a file

Dear community,

I’m new at UIPATH and wanted to learn it by appliying into a personal project. It is about reading an excel table, getting the data from each row (first ready the whole row), assigning values to be used later and then conduct some seaches. As the excel table has more than 1 row, I used ‘For Each Excel Row’. However, in the excecution for the 1st row everything goes well; but initiating the 2nd it gets an error related to ‘HRESULT: 0x800A02EC’.

I think the flow is not recognizing the next row, but unlucky finding the issue.

Appreciate your help.

Attaching the flow i created.

HI @Alejandro_Gomez

I think this will work, Try passing the kill process and delay activities inside and at the end of the For each Excel Row.

You can find the kill process activity in the developer filter you need to enable that one


Hey Sudharsan, thanks for replying. I’m trying to use the Kill Process. However, I’m new by using it. It shows me an error about setting the activity up. Do you know how can I proceed?

Hi @Alejandro_Gomez

Have a look on the documentation and thread

In the properties

ProcessName - “Excel”