Flow Decision waits exactly 30 seconds when false

I am using a Flowchart for one step in a sequence. It all works, but the Flow Decision takes 30 seconds to move to the next action when the decision is false.

It is a very simple flowchart where the first step is an Element Exists. If it is false I want it to perform a Click activity clicking through a calendar to change the month, then it will circle back to the Element Exists. It will continue this loop until the right month appears, and then move on in my process. When the Flow Decision is true it immediately moves to the next activity in my overall sequence, but when it is false it takes exactly 30 seconds before the click activity will change the month. I have no delays on the click activity. The only thing I have set on it is the WaitForReady is set to COMPLETE. I have tried removing this but it does not affect the timing. Is there any way to get the Flow Decision to move along sooner when it is false? I have not been able to find anything.


It is not Flow Decision but Elemen Exist that is causing this delay.
30sec is standard timeout


That was it! I completely forgot about the automatic/standard delay for the Element Exists. Thank you @J0ska!

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