Flow Decision somewhat affecting Excel Application Scope?

Dear Forum Users,

Would someone be kind enough to take a look at my workflow. I have been trying to figure it out for days but have no idea why the decision flow is affecting the excel application scope. The first table is not being written to the excel. The first column of the second table that I am trying to write is a duplicate column and I don’t know how to use the remove data column to get rid of it. I have also uploaded the csv file that I have converted into xlsx format.

Thanks in advance.
Would really appreciate the help and advice.


Main.xaml (122.2 KB) companylist_consolidated.xlsx (466.7 KB)

@ginloen may i know which file does you used in read csv activity.

Hi Venkatmalla6,

The csv is the excel file that I have attached to this topic. I just converted it from csv to xlsx because it wouldn’t allow me to upload a csv file.

Thanks for looking into it. Appreciate your help.