Flow Decision Excel File Extension Checking

Hi All: After selecting the Excel file through Select File Activity, making a condition, pl. see below:

Under the flow decision in Flow Chart:

filePath = “.xlsx” Then Message Box

I only want to check that the selected file must be an excel file.


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@ppr : Here is the screenshot: I have stored the path of file in a filePath variable under the Select File Activity, then in the Flow Decision, making a condition:

If filePath = “.xlsx” Then True Else False. So, how to get filePath variable value in the flow decision IF condition.

the select file activity will have an output - e-g- myFullFilePath
as mentioned above:

can be used for the check within the Flow Decision Condition

@ppr : Thanks a lot, I was trying with short of braces. Issue resolved now.

Many thanks,

But one more issue, pl guide and help.

I have loaded an excel file of 20500 records in it and my UiPath process is creating two new columns in the same loaded excel file and calculating the column.

The following error received:

Message: Job Stopped with an Unexpected exit code 0xE0434352
Exception Type: System.Exception

just have a search on the forum for the different strategies on how to handle. Otherwise create a new topic for this case

Okay, thanks

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