Flow decision error

Hello all,
could anyone please help me with following issue with Flow Decision?
I have a case when I’m downloading the list of the people who passed or did not pass the exam (names and results are ficitional data). The list is downloaded from the Orchestrator’s queue. I want to create ‘assign’ activity to check whether there is Y/N thickmark in column ‘Pass?’ of downloaded Orcherstrator data. However, I’m still getting an error saying “Invalid L-value expression”, which I dont know how to fix. I’m attaching the workflow here. Flowchart.xaml (10.0 KB)
If someone would be able to help, that would be a huge help for me.
Thanks a lot!

you need to create a variable and can assign the value to it

the issue was about following:
“PassCheck” is defining a string with the value PassCheck but not a vatiable on which the a value can be assigned (Invalid L-value expression)

Many thanks ppr! This helped!

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