Flooding "latest topics" with Knowledge Base updates

Please make it so your KB updates don’t overrun the “latest” list. Gets in the way of following current discussions.

Absolutely fair feedback @postwick. I looked into it some time ago and due to some core Discourse changes, it is no longer that easy, but it is also not impossible.

One thing you can do immediately is to flip a category to Muted for yourself which will hide the topics from latest just for you:
(you can also do that from the category view in the top right corner)

The way to do this globally is to set the Knowledge Base category as muted for all users as default (and can be done retroactively for old users at the time of setting it up) and then it will hide the topics from latest but it will also stop any @mentions from reaching users. This is where the hesitation to flip that switch comes from, but it might be a good thing moving forward.

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