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Dear Experts,

  1. Read excel , store in datatable.
  2. In for each row in datatable
    Put “create directory” activity.
  3. Assign path, folder path+ row(“Case #”).tostring
  4. Put another “create directory” activity.
  5. Assign path, folder path+ row(“Case #”).tostring+"/"+row(“Party Name”).tostring

Folder path - is the path where you want to create first folder

Hello @Vadugu

Please find attached workflow.

Sample.xaml (10.6 KB)

Hi @Vadugu,

Step 1: Read excel fill and keep output in datatable.
Step 2: Get list of companies from datatable
list = dt.rows.cast(of datarow).select(function(x) x(“columnname”).tostring).tolist
Step 3: Remove duplicate companies from list
list = list.Distinct
Step 4: Loop through the list and using create directory activity and pass folder path.

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Hi Am unable to get the data

Am i doing any mistake?

Hi Am unable to get the data into datatable

Am i doing any mistake? Please suggest me…

Thanks in advance.


Read names is a Read range activity I guess, it will give you a datatable output.
So you need to build a datatable if you want before calling the Excel Application Scope. Not after that.

You don’t need to use Build Data Table activity if you are reading input from excel sheet.

please refer attached xaml file.

Sample.xaml (10.5 KB)

Hey Thq so much its working…


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