Floating Robot and Template Machine

Can a Floating Robot be connected to a Template Machine?
This from the official documentation
Floating Robot - works on any machine defined in Orchestrator, be it Standard or Template, as the machine name is not relevant when creating it. Only Attended and Development Robots can be floating, and as such, they become licensed automatically when you open the Robot tray.
says that Floating Robots can be connected to any machine type.
But Floating Robots can be only Studio or Attended and Template machines can be provisioned only with Unattended/Testing or Production Robots. This is conflicting or have i misunderstood something. Can some one explain how is this possible ?

Hi @slganapat,
Iā€™m not sure if you are checking the newest version of documentation. Right now things are little bit different. You need to check what applies to what in case of folder type in Orchestrator.

For classic folders:

  • Floating Robot ā†’ Only attended robots can be of type floating.
  • Machine Template ā†’ You can use machine templates in conjunction with attended floating only.

So basically everything is clear here. Floating robot can be only an attended one and machine templet can only use this.

For modern folders:

  • Floating Robot ā†’ All robots are of type floating. (Generally here robots in fact are users with robot role)
  • Machine Template ā†’ You can use machine templates with no restriction in terms of robot type.

Here situation is clear as well.

More about it:

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