Fix that Error!


People,I got this error


Most probably your for each < variable/argument > is not initialized.


If you are receiving an argument in a file which can (by mistake) have a variable of same name in that file.
Just remove that variable, it will work fine.


thanks for your reply,
This happened because , the (item) hasn’t got a value.
I’m asking How to make it (continue on Error ) or even If (item) hasn’t got a value


You will need to set a default value of the variable.
if you create a datatable variable 'abcDT’
name: abcDT
type: datatable
default value: New System.Data.DataTable


Without Default Value:

With Default Value:


But the variable which I use is Ui-Element , so how i can give it a default value


Hover the mouse cursor to the variable type to find the default value.


If you are you are going to get an array of any variable.
you can check its count or length.
if (count>0)
for each()


As you said palindrome I hovered and got this value

but you could see that there is an error here !
I add the (New) but it didn’t work