Fix not responding problem

I am trying to get visible text from a terminal but the terminal might go to not responding mode at any time due to the huge data, so what can be done to fix the problem or overcome and still get the text or wait or do something?

@Aishwarya_Bhargav Can you let us know what kind of Terminal that you are working on ? And if the Huge data is Still being present in the Terminal, Is there a functionality to clear the result generated and then generate the result only for the current Transaction (Assuming).

So in that way there would be no time lagging due to the huge data that is being generated over and over again.

if possible Let us know the characteristics of the application that you are using.

i am using Bitwise SSH Client terminal
and i cant clear the terminal

capture timeout is coming

How would a human user detect the terminal is busy and he has to wait?

it will wait till the not responding thing gets cleared, but that delay time is dynamic

Yes - and there will be a prompt or a word (like “ready”) or something you can wait for?
Other approach: Get the screen in a loop until it does not change any more.