First time login post Orchestrator installation

Installed Orchestrator, What would be the login details to use post installation of orchestrator

Tenant name

Username or email


What to use for the above?

Are you using Community edition? If yes then you would have to register first by Become Tenant button then only you will be able to login

Hi @sachpal, the details will be:
Tenant Name: leave blank

Username: admin

Password: 890iop


how would i create a separate tenant for other users ?

Hi @sivabalan11, you can create a new Tenant via host admin. Or Enable tenant registration and let your tenants register themselves.

Cheers. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Multitenancy is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. The Become a tenant option in the login page is disabled. To display this option, select the Enable tenant registration check box in the host Settings page.

While installing Orchestrator, a default host admin , which is also known as a System Administrator , is created. The host admin has rights to create new tenants, change application settings and audit change password, create, update, register, and delete actions on settings, tenants, and users. The Profile page enables host admins to change their general information and password, as well as view the last login attempts with these credentials.

And witch combination is it with 18.3.2 Version?

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Hello, the credential combination provided seems to not be working in Orchestrator v. 2019.4.2
neither do others found on the forum.
If anyone has any updates on this, please let me know.

Thank you!

While First login post Orchestrator installation
Host Admin Login

Organization : Host
Username : Admin
Password : Host Password passed while installing Orchestrator

Tenant Login
Organization : Tenant Name
Username : Admin
Password : Tenant Password passed while installing Orchestrator


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Thank you bro it worked

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