First time finds webpage, second time no

Dear all,

I am facing an issue related to attach browser. I need to download several invoices from webpage and robot marks the invoice, open it and download it. After that, it closes the invoice window, and when it comes to click to next invoice in webpage robot makes nothing and closes the webpage.

I have created a web variable the first time robot attach browser, then do the activities, and after that I attach the browser again, as it does not work inside the activity with the first attach…

Do you know why is this happening?

Saddenly, I cannot send you images of the website for privacy purposes…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Open Browser / attach Browser can work with a Browser variable. Maybe working with this approach (store browser var from open browser and use it again within attach browser) can serve your needs

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Hello @ppr

I have tried it, but it is not working. I do not understand why the first time I attach browser it works, and the second time doesnt work… It is very strange because the code of the attach browser is the same…


It also gives me problems at closing internet, both kil process and close window activity.