First run sequence

Hii all,

I’m reading mail and extracting data from mail and saving in datatable and this datatable sending to queue.
Can I do this in first run sequence because while processing data if system exception occurred then it will again read mail and send data to queue if I kept outside first run sequence.
Please suggest me your thoughts.
Thank you.

Hi @Ketan_Wajekar

Yes if you want to read the data only once then keep it in first run sequence because first run sequence execute only once when the process starts.

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Hello @Ketan_Wajekar

Can you please give more clarity on your requirement? what do you mean by the First run sequence?

Are you using Re-framework as part of automation? If not suggesting to go with it if your system is more pron to exceptions.


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Yes Im using Re framework. I will get Input data from mails approx 40 to 50 mails each day. Then Im extracting data from mails and storing in datatable and this datatable im passing to queue for further process.

Okay…In your automation process, you are reading each email and getting the required data.

So I hope you are trying to Read only the unread emails from the mail folder. In case if a system exception occurs during processing of email, then as per Reframework it will reinitialize the applications and then read the unread emails again. So in this approach, automation will not process the completed transactions.(emails)