First robot build for week 2

I found this one very challenging, I can get one Word file to update but not all 4. I’m not sure what I’m missing. Are multiple switch paths necessary?

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hi @a.schubert.1

you can download the project “Automating Word Templates_Modified” in the exercise which will be your starting point and I think you already did.

If you take a look at the provieded excel file we have three important columns for understanding how to name and copy the files - Need CV, CV Type,

With these in mind we can rebuild the exercise to use a for each row to iterate through all the rows provided in the excel file.

In order to copy the file depending on the CV Type and column you just need to adjust the given values to use values out of the current row - so no switch necessary. Same would be true for the parts to replace in the word file


Thank you for the assistance. I’m trying to figure this out, but it’s getting more and more frustrating. I’ll try and go to office hours later.