First real time project using Mobile automation

Hello Team,

I have started my first real time project using mobile automation .

My questions/Clarifications :

1)I tried to create emulator on my cloud based sever but got error " Virtual servers are not compatible for running emulator(application may work on processor which supports VT-X and NX.), ". Since all the servers are in cloud ,real time device is not possible.
2)Some of the mobile selectors are not consistent, so I have used image automation , using image automation will be a problem when the emulators screen resolution changes ??

  1. which one is recommended using a real time device or emulator ??

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

  1. This isn’t true of all servers but it will be probably pricey for those that have virtualization enabled. (see for example Set up an Android development environment on Compute Engine)
  2. Can you offer some examples? It’s true that in some convoluted layouts mobile selectors might not do what you expect but there are tricks to get around (eg. anchors, tap with offset, customization of the default selector).
  3. Depends on what you’re testing. On emulator there are some features which are enabled (like setting geo location) and the tests might be more reproducible as you can start clean everytime. You might want to use real devices to test compatibility features, interrupts… so it depends on your needs and expected results.

Hope this helps!