First Project in Uipath

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I want to share my next project in order to have a feedback on how to build each process. The aim of this project is to be able to automate maquila lists. Through a list sent from the planning area built from a macro in excel. With this list of codes digit one by one from one list to the transaction in SAP. Once there the trasnformo in a .txt template for later in another SAP transaction income this list or upload records to the system and to generate a special list. I really want to have an analysis of the processes carried out in the project and be able to apply the recommendations that you can suggest to me on your part

Parameters and codes attached listArchivoParametros.xlsx (8,2 KB)
ListadoMateriales.xlsx (9,1 KB)

Hi juanarboleda,

I think many people are willing to help. But can you translate? You will have more chances to get answers.

Ok yannip, voy a traducirlo