First project hiccups (arguments in local view; multiple actions in 1 line; datatable filtering via .Select)

Hi all,

I have just followed the first 2 courses and am now building my first project in UiPath.


  1. While running in debug mode. I can view my variables in the local screen.
    Is there also a way to see the value of my In/Out arguments?
    (before they are send back to the main program)

  2. Can I perform more then 1 action in 1 assign command?

in visual studio:
string[ ] aSplitted = AllInfo.Split(‘|’)[2].Split(‘,’);
//split AllInfo on “|” then split value 3 on “,”

in UI:
assign=> string[ ] aSplitted = AllInfo.Split(‘|’)
assign=> aSplitted = aSplitted[2].Split(‘,’);


in VS:
string Titel = AllInfo[0].Split(’ ')[1];
//split on " " only keep value 2

in UI:
assign=> string[ ] aSplitted = AllInfo.Split(’ ')
assign=> string Titel = aSplitted[1];

  1. Filtering DataTable can you do this without the filter wizard? Or via dataTable.Select()
    and does anyone happen to have some examples of the .Select() function

this for example did not work…
assign activity
datarow[ ] aFilteredrows = dtFULL.Select(“[Titel] = ‘Gladiator’”)
dtFULL has a collumn called ‘Titel’ and there is 1 row with the value “Gladiator”

Hi @JoVansant

  1. I think Studio should show you all variables (including arguments) in the extra pane at the exact moment in which you are in the workflow.
  2. Yes, you can assign an expression to a variable, just the syntax would need to be adjusted:
    aSplit = AllInfo.Split("|"C)(2).Split(","C)(1)
  3. Correct, and the syntax is also fully correct:
    aFilteredrows = dtFULL.Select("[Titel] = 'Gladiator'")
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Maciej thanks!

issue 2 and 3 are resolved now
it is working now:
aFilteredrows = dtFULL.Select(“[Titel] = ‘Gladiator’”)
"titel of the found movie: " + aFilteredrows(0)(1).ToString
//(0) is the first result from the filter (1) is the second column in that result

I was testing with wildcards in it and forgot I needed to use LIKE instead of =

dtFULL.Select(“[Titel] LIKE ‘Gladiat*’”)