First Project - Accessing Portal, Searching a date range, selecting links and extracting files


Firstly, what a great application. Studio is freshingly intuitive and fun to use to deliver results. Being my first foray into this space I thought it best to get a sanity check and to ensure I am indeed making it as simple as possible to get the desired result.

Business Case - Working in construction we rely on delivery dockets extensively. Unfortunately out business sees a 20% loss of these dockets before they hit out system which means we spend days accessing supplier portals to extract the delivery dockets. The process is repetitive and perfect for my first little side project in RPA.


  1. Open Browser, go to site and log in
  2. Search with date range - To complete on a daily, so day will be 16/05/2019 to 16/05/2019.
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  3. Invoices presented in table, link to dockets
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  4. Select View dockets to each
    — if there are dockets - download dockets
    — if nothing there then come back and repeat for the next.
    (I’d post more images, and posts but apparently as new users im limited)

What do you think - the portal is an older clunkier, less friendly version and would love to take this away from my team to try and fix

Hello @druwade, welcome to our forum.

This is a very good task to automate. If you have any problems during development, don’t hesitate to ask, we are more than happy to help.

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Hello @druwade,
Welcome to the Community!
This is perfect example for automation. As I’m constantly saying if there is task which is taking huge amount of time each day and this need to be repeated on and on. This is the way for automation. We are happy that people starting to see that automation is needed.

If you are not familiar then I’m very happy that I can invite you to our Academy where you can find many trainings and tutorials. If you already know this - Perfect! Remember: “Sky is the limit!”

Happy Automation :smiley:

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