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Hello, My company just recently (monday) started using UiPath RPA.

I need to:

  1. Save attachments from emails (all emails in same inbox and all have attachments)
  2. Copy the table from word to excel (excluding the first table)
  3. Copy and paste the contents then to a sheet specific to the company name

Are these steps all possible?

Thank you

welcome to uipath community

yes we can do this with SAVE ATTACHMENTS ACTIVITY

to do this we need to install uipath.word.activities in the studio
for that go to design tab and click on manage packages and in the official tab search for uipath.word.activities and install it
–once after installing we can use READ TEXT activity inside the WORD APPLICATION SCOPE and get the output

then for this

we can do that by specifying that sheetname in WRITE RANGE activity

hope this would help you
Cheers @sparkplug93

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Thanks for your help! It worked perfect

Cheers @sparkplug93

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