Firefox version 79 with UiPath

Hi all.

On 07/28/2020 Firefox released version 79 of the browser.
This version has an incompatibility problem with the Plugin of said browser.

The problem:
It does not allow the inspector or activities like Clic to interact with objects within an iFrame.
This caused all my robots (6) to fail for the same reason.

Return Firefox to version 78
Turn off automatic browser updates.

We have to wait for @UiPath to update the plugin.

Versions used to test:
Community 2020.6
Enterprise 2020.4
Enterprise 2019.4

Versions used to test:
Community 2020.6
Enterprise 2020.4
Enterprise 2019.4

  • Firefox v77 (works)
  • Firefox v78 (works)
  • Firefox v79 (no work)

Hi @JFEspanolito,
Thank you for information. Please remember next time that you can use UserVoice category for posting information about potential bug/improvement. Just click on Give Feedback on upper menu and then choose adequate tag for the product :wink:

I will push this info about FF to our devs.

Firefox plugin was updated today but still not working. Do you know when we can expect a working update that solves the issue?

This case is still under investigation.

unfortunately, for us, even downgrading has issues. The pop up offering to update breaks a selector so every n runs we get an error.

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We know it can impact the processes. But to be honest projects should be made in the way which could catch any type of unexpected behavior. It’s one of the best practice I would say. You can use for example Re-Framework template which is able to catch errors and then you can define what action process should take in case if these. I would say that process development is not about building the solution at once but about constant iteration based on changes around the process :slight_smile:

Ah, thank you for responding. I have not yet hit the level of proficiency required to catch “ANY” type of unexpected behavior. Thank you for pointing that out.
I will continue to try to improve.

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So what you are saying is that if Firefox gives an error then the robot should use Chrome and if Chrome does not work then Edge? That would be a significant time increase in my workload covering events that might occur every 2-3 years

I think what he means is, if anything goes wrong in your processes, it should have ways to overcome… For example, in your try catch, include a verification that looks for this message that breaks your action and add a click to remove it…

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Adding a click to remove does not solve my problem. In order to have my robot finish I need to use another browser because actions are not executed in Firefox.

Hi all, another solution is this:

Develop your robots with Firefox 78
Modify your selector, remove ‘iframe tag’ and works… example
This work for me

disclaimer: i remove ‘<’ cuz block me a code queue.


html app=‘firefox.exe’ url=‘myUrl’ />
webctrl id=‘firmaDigitalLogin’ tag=‘IFRAME’ />
webctrl id=‘pfx’ tag=‘INPUT’ />


html app=‘firefox.exe’ url=‘myUrl’ />
webctrl id=‘pfx’ tag=‘INPUT’ />

Development in Firefox 78
Modify Selector
Deploy in Firefox 79

Interesting solution. I would prefer to wait for an updated plugin that works without the issue than to change up to 100 selectors.
Thank you for sharing.

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I agree if the update is ready within 2-3 days. The above mentioned solution is not a possibility for me either.

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Yes, is to much, i have the same situation.
My default solution, rollback firefox to 78.0.1esr

Just be aware that firefox will pop up “Upgrade Now” websites that could cause issues.

Yes, we block firefox update by admin permissions, so the robot account is disable for update and firefox dont show the pop up alert about update now.

Just to complete my thoughts. What I meant is exactly what @bcorrea said. I would like to add something to this. Most environments (at least all I had possibility to work on) have the policies which restricts any potential update of any application. Of course I’m talking about the customers. Why is that? Exactly because it may provide to unexpected behaviors. Best practice in such cases is to have something what is called the Production and the Test environment. Once a while (depends on internal policies of the company) there are tests on non-production environments which are divided for couple parts like: os updates, software updates, hotfix deployment, DR tests, backups and so on. And if then no major problem occurs such updates are deployed on production. Why I’m telling this? Because in IT world there’s always something what can go wrong. Of course I’m not trying to excuse the fact that firefox is not working just because :smiley: I just wanted to point out that similar cases is just matter of time and good developer is developer who can predict such cases and prevent from them during development phase. So the solution like “I will wait until somebody fix this” is not a good solution.

Let me leave you guys with one sentence I’d love to remind:
“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.”
~ Bill Gates

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Thank you again for pointing out that I am not a good developer. I got your point the first time. Glad to see you are on staff.