Firefox Submit Button Onclick Confirm Message "OK"

I have a webpage in Firefox, On button Submit It has ok/cancel message, Function Confirm,
How do I Inject JS and make OK selected?
Please help…

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Welcome to uipath community
Instead of inject us we can directly click on that element with normal click or click image activity
Were we facing any issue with that
Cheers @sureshvl

Hi Palanyappan,
Thanks for your suggestion, I tried the same but it is not working with Click, Click image works but I need to run this in background even when Windows is Locked state, like simulate,

Yah that’s possible with click image or click activity with simulate click property enabled
Or try with SEND HOT KEY activity with key as tab and use n number of hotkeys with tab key and once after reaching the field use send hot key with key as enter
Cheers @sureshvl

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