Firefox extention missing

Hi, I’m looking for an old Firefox Extention. THere are some links here but they are not working. Is there an alternative to still get those extensions?

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The links will help you.

Requires Mozilla Firefox version 52.0 or above to perform browser automations. Firefox versions 65.0 and lower require an extra add-on.

Extension for Firefox.

thanks, but those links are dead.

What version of Firefox do you have installed?

FF 55.0 and I need that particular Version because of an Add-on (Scrapbook X) that only work with that version.

Are you SURE that it won’t work with the current, up-to-date version of Firefox?

yes. I’m sure for the old version that I have. There is a new Version of Scrapbook out, but I have some technical difficulties to get is up and running. It’s much more complicated then the old version because Firefox has changed the security features and the Add-on had to be re-build from scratch.

Based on what you stated, if it were me, I’d focus on getting the newest version to interface with what you are trying to interface and keep UIPath out of it for now. I’d only use the previous version as a backup plan only after you’ve exhausted all your options with the current version.

Probably get in the Firefox forum (and perhaps that specific add-on) with assistance with whatever you are interfacing.

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I’m forced to use UIpath so it appears that I’ve no other choice then start using the latest Firefox version. Maybe it’s better anyways. Who knows how long the old FF UIpath extension will work with UIpath.
Problem with the old Firefox is that the website I want to use has implemented some changes with the SSL config and Firefox can’t access that page anymore. Maybe there is a fix (config change) for this , but I will leave it for now.

Actually I do have an old Extention XPI file for Firefox UIpath but I wanted to use it with the Pale Moon browser and that doesn’t work with FF web Extensions.
So if someone needs the XPI file, pls let me know.

Ii would be good though that someone removes the dead links from the UIpath website.

Thanks for your help Eric! :grinning:

One possible reason is if you are using a private browsing window: you need to give extensions permission to run in private windows. More info in this article: [[Extensions in Private Browsing]].