Firefox extension failing midway

Hi everyone,

I’m currently using Firefox as my browser and the BOT fails midway with the error that it can’t communicate with the browser. The error that it shows is


Also i have similar workflows but none of them had the same or any kind of such type of problem. And also i’m fetching URL’s from an excel sheet and the BOT execution fails exactly at the same link every time.

I have tried using both 32 and 64 bit Firefox browsers but still the same problem. And i can’t seem to pinpoint the exact problem.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi @sheel9540,

If you are using open browser anywhere what is the browser type.

How you are using navigate to activity, through browser variable or using attach browser

Hi @anil5,

I opened the browser during initialization and in every workflow i’m using attach browser with firefox as set browser. Inside that i’m using navigate to activity. Now the sequence is running fine but it stops midway with the error can’t communicate to browser at a particular record everytime.

Hi @sheel9540,

Can you help us with the selector of Attach browser which you are using for navigate to activity.

The attach browser of navigate to activity should be generic and not specific to any particular record.

@anil5 This is the selector i’m using:


and it’s working fine with all other records but just one.

Can’t see the selector, put the screenshot