Firefox capability

Dear Team,

I am new to RPA. I have created robot for an web application and it’s perfectly works on IE. But facing hard time to run the robot for the same application using Firefox.

Just let me know what needs to be taken care if I switch the browser to Firefox. Kindly let me know your inputs.


Welcome! I am new as well. You want to make sure to install the Firefox extensions from the Tools Menu. In a nutshell, you will also have to change your selectors and attach browser instructions.


Yes. I did already. But few steps is failing in Firefox. I would like to understand more on how to tweak selectors to work in Firefox. need some guidance here.

I recently moved my workflow from Chrome to Firefox. The workflow had been created via a Web recording. I did the following steps:

  1. I changed the “Attach Window” by using the “Indicate on Screen” and selected the Firefox window
  2. I changed my click actions using the same method, “Indicate on Screen” and selected the corresponding elements.

Pardon the poor drawing. I hope this helps!

Thanks for your inputs. Let me explore the same.