FingerPrint value in Studio log file

I am working on breaking down the logging for a client. I have not been able to find any information on what fingerprint identifies. Would anyone be able to shed some light on this field?

11:43:13.3361 Trace {“message”:“Current Queue Found, proceeding”,“level”:“Verbose”,“timeStamp”:“2017-12-19T11:43:13.3411438-05:00”,"fingerprint":“8bd4e079-1d27-4ef3-8688-608a654432fb”,“windowsIdentity”:“windowsID”,“machineName”:“xxxxxxxxx”,“processName”:“bot name”,“processVersion”:“1.0.7654.21715”,“fileName”:“workflow name”,“jobId”:“9ddf7654-0293-44b5-a106-a9e8d5fb0fbc”,“robotName”:“robotname”}

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Not sure , but it looks like it the fingerprint authentication for that specific machine.


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That’s pretty cool if it is!

I have the same question. The fingerprint value changes for every code line.

I also have the same question.
I suspect that it is a unique identifier for each log entry and might even be used as a primary key in a database (what I am about to do). I wouldn’t be surprised if orchestrator is doing the same to prevent log entries are inserted multiple times…
Anyway, I am a little disappointed that this is not answered or documented, I would expected to be documented somewhere like here:

Hi everyone,

Just a small update about the fingerprint value in the log. It is simply a unique value attached to each log message just in case something goes wrong and you get two identical log messages. This normally doesn’t happen, but if it will, one is able to refer to them by this unique identifier.

It doesn’t really affect anything just yet, but some features might be utilizing it in the future.


Can this value be obtained from the study and stored in a variable? :face_with_monocle:

Hi, how is the log fingerprint calculated? Can it be accessed somehow in my automation?