Finding Values in Excel

Hello, I am creating an automation that involves opening a file in excel scope maximizing the window and searching for a specific value. However; when I send hotkey to search for the specified value, it opens a general search function for the computer. Is there anyway around this (im trying to use as general keystrokes as i can, as the excel file i open everyday is new for the day)


we can get the value from the datatable read from the excel as well
hope that would give us either with the value we need
–use excel application scope and pass the file path as input
–use read range and get the output with a variable of type datatable named outdt
–to get the particular value we can either use get row item activity or just using a assign activity like this

with get row item activity mention the details like
Row = outdt.Row(yourrowindex) //where row index usually starts from 0 for the first row without header into consideration
Columnname or columnindex
if ColumnName = yourcolumnname as string between double quotes
ColumnIndex = yourcolumnindex in integer //same starts from 0 for first column
then mention the output will be the value in that row column combination of type string


simple with assign activity like this
out_value = outdt.Rows(rowindex)(columnindex).ToString
out_value = outdt.Rows(0)(4)
means getting the value from first row and third column
where out_value is a variable of type string

hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification

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as a follow up, the value that I’m looking for is an element of a pivot table that, when interacted with (clicked upon), pulls up the relevant information. How can I access this info using key shortcuts?

^^^see above

what does this error mean?

could you also elaborate on the assign activity??

Fine in get row item under Row property mention as outDT.Rows(0) and don’t forget to get the output value from the get row item activity with a variable of type string

And I hope you are talking about this assign activity
If so
Instead of get row item activity we can get the value of a particular cell with a normal assign activity like this where outDT is a datatable variable and Rows is a method in Datatable class and (0) is the first row index (you can mention what we need) and (4) is the this column index
(I just mentioned as (0)(4) as an example and you can choose the (row index)((column index) you want

Cheers @csewall3

with this particular activity would i have to know the location of the cell for the value im searching for?

Yes exactly

Thank you very much for the help thus far! Finally, this cell is part of a pivot table, one whose data needs to be accessed. What activity could I use after finding the cell to access this data (besides a click)? would it be get table range?

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yes that would work for a table in excel
Cheers @csewall3

What would i do with the output of that activity to access the sheet that the data is attached to?

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