Finding unprinteble character

Hi, I have a text and would like to know, if there is a lewline characters inside.
Teh text is
“Hybrid4 2,0 HDi

I am planing to use String.Contains(“”) But don’t know what character I am looking for.
The problem is that I am entering this text into insert windows and when newline character is printed the window recognizes it as a “Enter” button.


Check for Environment.NewLine character is there in the string?

Else if you are using a Type Into Activity check any additional keys added to that activity at the end.

@tomaz ,
If you are unknown of the string coming but you know what is the structure of the string then you can use (Regex) Ismatch Activity to check whether the string is in correct formatt as of required

For eg: “Hybrid4 2,0 HDi is constant and then the last code will have correct 16 digits every time then you can check the string structure using regex


Can you try either of the following?





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