Finding the more options button in Orchestrator in the Jobs section


I’m trying to find the logs that correspond to a faulted process or job. I was looking on the user guide for jobs, but I can’t seem to find the button to be able to get to the logs of that specific job. Was there an update with the website? Or do I just not have the right access?


You mean the Details button?



No actually there is a more actions button based off this information.


Sorry still in 2016.2 here. Someone else would be able to help.


ahh okay. Thank you!


Hello @r0manred,

The more Actions button appears when the mouse is hovered over the row.

Hope this could help you:



No sorry it doesn’t. This what my screen looks like…


Ok @r0manred ,

You are using 2016.2 version, logs displayed per robot and job are available, from the Robots and Jobs pages (with just a click of the button), on 2017.1 version. Check

The UiPath Orchestrator Guide 2016.2

The UiPath Orchestrator Guide 2017.1



Okay, how may i upload the version?


Here is the link @r0manred,



I do have UiPath downloaded… I thought orchestrator was a web browser based system? I use the website for orchestrator. How would I get there from within the UiPath desktop app?