Finding Text on webpage from Excel and Click on it

Hello as I mentioned I am trying my hands on uipath i am working on finding text on webpage from excel and click on it but while running that i am facing an issue even that text is there on webpage still its not able to click on that, my working flow is
Reading Range assigning myexcel file → For each row → opening browser → going to google → searching for K.J.Somaiya press Enter Key → webpage open i am using text Exist its output variable is text → then if else loop if text = true then click that link now what happening if i am scrolling down it saying true but if i am not scrolling down it showing false even that keyword present on webpage

here you can see K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management is there still its showing false but if i scroll it down it showing true working fine
here is my workflow

can you help me that without scrolling how can i detect my element

here is my workflow


Because it needs to be exactly the same
When you are scrolling down then bot is finding that text…

You need to maintain space and special character as it is…

Try K. J. Somaiya this text as it is…

@Pravin_Patil1 hello sir i change the value in my excel sheet It throwing same false messagebox


Do it with element exist and dynamic selector…
Refer below screenshot…


Use same selector from element exist to click if it is true…

@Pravin_Patil1 thank you sir it workout for me thank you sir


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