Finding Text in Citrix Environment


I am automating one bot where i face below issues,
I have to find a particular folder and select that folder as per specified input on a citrix environment.
Please see below image.


so just believe that if the input is To select the “Source” Folder so i have used a flowchart and used OCR Text Exist Activity, and given a flow decision that if OCR text exist is True then click on the folder name. And if it is false then send hotkey for PgDown, as to scroll down and find the folder name. and looped the Workflow.

Now this work flow is working fine for a unique name, but if i give it a input to select the “Reports” Folder (please refer the image) then it is finding “MIS Reports” Folder and selecting it.
As “MIS Reports” folder also contain Reports word.

Please Give me suggestions to get out of this problem, as my entire work has stucked due to this error.

also another Issue I face is if the Input is Given in Lower case then also it is not finding it.
For Example If input given is “source” instead of “Source” Folder then also it is not able to find the text.

Please Experts give the solution for it.