Finding shared calendar invite to put inside 'GetCalendar" property

Been trying to put a shared calendar email address into the ‘GetCalendar’ property however, I keep encountering an error as shown below.

Get Calendars: Code: BadRequest
Message: Resource not found for the segment ‘calendars’.
Inner error:
date: 2022-12-21T04:51:33
request-id: 21854d1f-248d-4ce9-b6e8-0ccc4ae4f316
client-request-id: 21854d1f-248d-4ce9-b6e8-0ccc4ae4f316
ClientRequestId: 21854d1f-248d-4ce9-b6e8-0ccc4ae4f316

I do not know how to fix this error as the email address I got was from the shared calendar’s property tab and there is no other email for it.

Any help is appreciated thank you!


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Did you give the full addres which you have in ahared…ideally in accounts field we have to provide that.

I hope you are using office 365

Can you share a screenshot or a sample


Hi thanks for the welcome.

I have attached a screenshot of the field as well as the error below. (Modified the email so no sensitive information is inside)

Thank you.


may I know why are you using two scopes…use either outlook app or 365 …both are different


Oh did not even realise I was using 2 different scopes. Thanks for the heads up, I will fix what is required and see if it solves the issue. Thank you.

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Hi, I just went to research more about the scopes and remembered why I used each scope. I used the outlook desktop scope to create an event in outlook. This cannot be done using the 365 scope as the 365 scope cannot access outlook. Do you know of any alternative ways to be able to link the shared calendar in UiPath using the 365 scope?


365 has event creation. It directly connects to the office365 outlook


First do you have required credentials for office365…if yes you can use it…


ah thank you so much. I don’t know why online it said that it was not possible. Will test it out tomorrow and let you know.

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Hi, I have tried the method you mentioned but there is a new issue now. Whenever I try to create an event in my shared calendar it just keeps appearing in my personal calendar. Do you have a solution for this? (I have to link the calendar but the email for my shared calendar and other calendars are the same EG: