Finding position of the text in pdf to apply signature in pdf


This is a file that I am trying to process. Now I want to add a signature in pdf with respect to the text. For instance, if it finds Ryan then it will sign a bit upward. I tried find image activity but it wasn’t reliable because sometimes it detects it and sometimes it doesn’t. Is there any reliable way to do so?


Hi Umer,

Are these structured documents where the required signatures are always in the same position?

@Garret yes these are structured. But the problem comes when the Legal description is of more than one line. Then the signature comes a little bit down. So, the structure is same but it can be a bit up and down according to the situation.

You may be able to use document understanding to locate the xy coordinates of the different areas in the documentation that need to be signed or classify the documents based on the contents and then place the signature at the coordinates. Sorry i could not be more help. Maybe someone else has experience in this area.