Finding last value(not row) dynamically

Let’s say I wanna find 1 in sep-18 dynamically, when oct-18 is added in, it’ll still find the value under oct-18.

Any help is appreciated!

you’ve mentioned “not row” and “not column”. Can you be more specific then, as to what the data(type) is?

If you meant you want to dynamically get the last “column” of the table, you can use Dt.Columns.Count after assigning the table to a datatable Dt

The row is fixed but the table(in screenshot) is ever expanding via column, I need to get last data when oct, nov comes.

then you can get the count of columns using Dt.Columns.Count. Then you can read the value from that specific column index which will always give you the last column

see this example :

This will give you the first value in the last column

I’m aware of columns.count but there’s more data after the table.(table is cropped)
(I have updated the screenshot)

Any other methods to go about it?

see the edit to previous answer.
Also, this would work for any number of columns. I dont see why it would be a problem if there’s more data

The screenshot just now is just a table within other large amt of data, there’s more to it.
Trying to dynamically grab data from sep18 onwards