Finding exceptiom name using debud mode

This seems like a silly error to somebody but still please guide me as I am a newbie.

In my workflow i am trying to find the possible exceptions that can occur. I used the debug mode and using breakpoints was able to simulate the error correctly. The error occured and was shown in the local tab.

My only problem is that I can’t determine the exception type. For example, if a ui element is not found the debugging session shows the error(the selector for the specified Ui element was not found) and not the exception type(Uipath.Core.SelectorNotFound) .

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if you meet with the exception activity and keep debuging, it will stops and then show the exception type



Hi @1megantony,

As per my knowledge, you can’t determine the system exception before it’s occurence, you can only determine in case you know that in future that perticular activity can throw error for some reason and you can define the error type but If you do not know you can use try catch and catch the error in catch block.

You can only determine the business exception and you can define it as well properly.

Sanjit Pal

Hey @1megantony

It will actually show and you can even capture it with specific exception type

Kindly show some screenshots to guide in your case.


If you want to know the exception type. Try this, enclose that activity in the Try Catch block. In the catch block keep message box and print exception.GetType. It will give you the exact exception type.Then you can make changes if necessary. Sample workflow below for ref (2.8 KB)