Finding emails with a particular keyword

In the Get Outlook Mail Message, what filter settings should I use so that I can easily find the email with the particular keyword (e.g. Customer name)? It should mimic the Outlook functionality, wherein if you do a search from an outlook folder, e.g. Inbox, you’ll be provided with suggested results. In my case, I know that the keyword I am looking for is found in the email message.

I also need to be able to add the above filter setting in this filter: “@SQL=”“urn:schemas:httpmail:subject”" = ‘Verification ID Flagged’"


Hi @redanime94

Try this filter condition
“@SQL=”“”" like ‘%YOUR WILDCARD HERE%’"

I hope it will helps!!


Thanks . That one worked! How should I do it if I wanted to add another criteria there? Say the email subject?

After using Get Outlook mail message

Use For each and change the type argument to Mail message

use If condition and express Item.body.Tostring.Contains(“Your email subject”)

I hope it will helps!!

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