Finding Elements in a Table


Using Find Children and UiExplorer, I am able to find and highlight all the elements in the first column (Name) but I cannot get the Bot to find and highlight the elements in the second column (Category). I have tried everything in UiExplorer in terms of switching the selectors around and trying Find Descendants and Find Children.

Any other suggestions? Thanks

i have only two things in mind so i hope it works
See if in the Ui explorer selecting an element in the fist column has a propriety like “Col=1”

If so, probably you can change the selector changing the value of the previous element to
“Something Something, Col=2”

Else try with Anchor to the first column and see how the 2 column are releted.

If none of the above applies, i’m out of ideas, sorry

There is a Column Index as part of the selector and I did try changing that but it did not help. I actually found an alternate solution but it is not the most efficient, so I will try the anchors as well.

Thanks for the help!

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