Finding Checked radio box and extracting text from left side


I am having an issue where I have radio buttons, where I have to find the “checked” item and then extract the text from the lefthand side of the checked button.

I think I should get it by looping through all of the radio buttons and finding the one with the attribute “checked” and then extracting the text from the relative position.

The trouble I am having is defining the range of the radio buttons to loop through since there can be a variable amount of options. Is there a get elements or similar activity that could get all the elements in the area and then I could find the one with the matching attribute and then use it as a anchor to collect the correct text?

The next question then would be how do I use an element with a specific attribute as a dynmaic anchor?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @kPaaso

Try a condition as Get Attribute and use property as “Checked” and set condition as

then use click activity and use get text activity

Ashwin S

How would you do the looping through the check boxes?

The find children Activity can Help to get all Check boxes for the later Analysis.

A quick Shot, maYbe Not working. On the top WE do see selected (6). Maybe this information can be used directly in a dynamic selector to retrieve the left Side Text. Give a Check on this within uiexplorer

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Usually if it’s a radio button we won’t be choosing more than one value so
We can use ANCHOR BASE activity and in the left side of anchor base use FIND IMAGE and choose that radio button alone which is checked
And in the right side use a get text or screen scrapping activity and choose the region beside ration button
And if get text is used replace the selector with attributes showing that value using a wild card *
Or if it’s a screen scrapping with ocr activity then fine
Cheers @kPaaso

Hi @Palaniyappan,

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried using an Anchor base with a Find Image and Get text but it would always get the text from one row above the actually selected value. So in the example screenshot the 6th option is chosen, but my Anchor base and get text was printing out the 5th options value. Do you have any idea on how I can configure the anchor base activity to pick the value from 1 row lower.

However, the first row was working as intended.

Here is a quick visualization on what values the sequence was printing out:
First box selected - First value on list
Second box selected - First value on list
Third box selected - Second value on list
Fourth box selected - Third box on list
Fifth box selected - Forth value on list
Sixth box selected - Fifth value on list.

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Can I have a view in the get text activity selector if possible
Cheers @kPaaso