Finding bottom row with spaces in between

This is different than previous posts on this topic I can find because there are spaces. I need to drag a formula in excel to the bottom of a set of data. However, the length is different every time.
If the formula goes too far it will cause problems with another program. If it does not get all of them it will also cause problems.

The complicating factor is that there are spaces throughout the data which also need the formula in them.
Can it read how many rows of data there are total and then drag the formula that far in the correct column?

Use Read Range Say DT
RowsCount=DT.Rows.Count → No of rows
Then Use For Each Row
Then u can see row wise data in that
To check which data is empty
Use Row.ItemArray.Contains(“”)
Then u can use formula u want

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where do I put the RowsCount=DT.Rows.Count → No of rows. I is telling me that RowsCount is not declared. What do I do?

The same is for the Use Row.ItemArray.Contains(“”). where to I put it in the file.