Finding bold text in a table

I have to extract in a webpage all the elements from a table that are written in bold.
I’m using an activity Find Children with this filter property: “” but it does not work

Thanks in advance

Have you tried data scraping?

I’m trying to find in a table all the fields in bold. An example could be: in gmail extract only the messages unread (as they are not bold text)

You can use Data Scraping and edit the Data Definition in the Extract Wizard, as it helps to check what data is getting extracted with the modified Data Definition

For extracting bold cells, your data definition would look something like this, with the tag="b" attribute

<column attr="text" name="Column1" exact="1">
<webctrl tag="b"/>

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Here are some docs that you might find useful

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Hi @ Ivan_Gras_Serarols_E,

You can try this for each row

First you need to validate what code give you the bold element in this case we will get H1, you can see this by using UiExplorer:

The use get attribute and insert selector from ui explorer in get atribute:

The run it for test like this:

And then you can use:


Hi hope it helps